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So you and your friends love science and want to get a team going. What to do? First, go to your favorite science, math, computer or industrial tech teacher and say, please! We’d like to get a Science Olympiad team going! If you can get a teacher to sign on, you’ve cleared the first hurdle. Then, you need to recruit, recruit, recruit. There’s no question that most potential Science Olympiad team members will be busy with several activities — drama, sports, advanced classes, hobbies, music — but you’ve got to get them to realize that Science Olympiad will only enhance their academic (and social!) lives.

Take it from Julia in Colorado, who said: “I chose to study mechanical engineering because of Science Olympiad. It was my most important and time-consuming extracurricular activity throughout high school. I met a lot of my closest friends through the SO team. It was a wonderful experience and my favorite part of high school!” Or consider what Kelly from Pennsylvania said: “Science Olympiad taught me so many things from chemistry and epidemiology to responsibility and determination. Everything I’ve done in Science Olympiad has been a learning experience. The events have greatly impacted my career choice an now I’m looking into majoring in chemistry.”

Take a look at the events for the year and see if you and your friends can fill out the roster of 23 challenges with a team of 15 students. Get kids who can build from the industrial tech class, those who are great at research for the knowledge events, some who are great in the lab for all the chemistry events. Mix up your skills and cross-train for maximum results.

But seriously, if you have a jones for science and you just can’t get enough, Science Olympiad is where you need to be. Here are a few tips to get you up and running — in a year, you’ll be on your way to filling the school trophy case with gleaming Science Olympiad medals.

Don’t forget about school spirit. Make your Science Olympiad team known. Get the principal to make an announcement before you go to competition. Wear your team T-shirts to school, hang up banners, make posters. Before you know it, you’ll be bringing home the bling.

If you have any questions or need more information about how to start a team at your school visit the National Science Olympiad website or email us at

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