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Resources for Teams

Click on the links to take you to the resource. Got something to share? Send it to us!

The Official Event Rules Manuals for Division B & C is available at the Science Olympiad store. It is free to download. **THIS DOES NOT REGISTER YOU FOR SCIENCE OLYMPIAD. In order to participate in ANY tournament (Invitational included), you MUST register through HSSO**

The national office provides some resources to help get you started in each event. These also include official score sheets and diagrams for build events and any official lists for test events that have a limited list of items that can be tested (e.g. species, fossils, etc.).

Also available to help you get familiar with events is the official Q&A for event rule clarifications and the Science Olympiad YouTube channel.

This is run and maintained by the community of Science Olympiad teams. While the national website is the authority on the events and any clarifications on the rules, this is a great resource to use for preparing for events, including practice tests and a discussion forum.

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